Applying glitter nail polish to nails

Top Five Nail Trends for 2019

It’s not just hair here at Cutting Club, Cleethorpes. Our nail bar is here to help you finish your look from tip to toe. Once you’ve booked your appointment the only difficult bit is to decide what kind of style you’re going to go for. With so many choices out there now from the wonderful to wacky, we thought you might need a hand.


We have looked at some of the biggest trends forecast for 2019 and scoured Instagram for some serious nail inspo!


Natural Tones

Soft peaches, muted coral and creamy caramels are set to be big news this coming year. If a more natural look is where you’re at then this trend is perfect for you. Why not try a matte top coat too for a really understated but cool look. Or if you like a hint of sparkle, why not try an accent nail…



Metallics don’t have to be exclusively base metal shades. Golds, silvers and bronzes are great but there are so many more shades to play with now. Let your glam come out to play.


Deep midnight blues are perfect for all year round, play with glitters, holographic and chrome powders too to achieve the look.



Round About

Natural looking, rounded nails are going to be a big hit this year. For some this might seem a little tame; let’s face it, well-groomed never goes out of style.



Two Tone


Why go for one colour per nail when you can have two?! Geometric lines, different coloured tips, ombre or simply half and half are a great way to get on board with the two-tone nail trend.


On Edge


We’ve seen the accent nail trend, embellishments, chrome powders and more. But this year it’s all about the edges. Whether it’s glitter, contrasting colour or negative space; everyone will be looking to decorate the outer edges of their nails.


If you’ve been inspired by any of our top five nail trends then book in with Vicky at the nail bar. Prices start at just £10 for a mini manicure and Vicky’s services include, gel overlays, gel extensions and infills.