Male hair care myths: we sort the facts from the fiction

Father’s Day is fast approaching, while June 13-19 is Men’s Health Week so we’re on a male hair care mission. In this blog post we’re going to separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to caring for men’s head and facial hair.

Shaving for thicker regrowth?

We hear this one so many times. But does shaving really make your beard grow back thicker?

The answer is a definite no. But why has this myth come about?

It’s probably because when the stubble starts to grow back, it feels thick and spikey when it first emerges from the follicles giving the impression that there’s more of it. It can also look darker. However, as the hair gets longer it feels much softer and lies flat against the skin, so the impression of new luxuriant growth disappears.

Does stress make your hair grey?

Are you getting ‘stress highlights’? It’s a common belief that stress and worry can make your hair turn grey – but what’s the truth about what causes grey hair?

Recent scientific studies have shown that stress may contribute to hair going grey, but it’s far more likely to be age and gene related . Generally, you can start going grey at any time from your mid-thirties… and probably at about the same time that your mum or dad did.

Bear in mind that if hair turns grey at a particularly young age, it could be health-related, so always get checked out. It may be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disease, vitiligo or a number of other conditions. So see your GP to be on the safe side.

The bald facts

There are any number of myths about what causes hair loss says. While women may experience thinning hair, men are far more likely to have age-related ‘male pattern baldness’ beginning with a receding hairline or bald spot on top of the head. This type of hair loss usually runs in the family.

Hair loss myths: true or false?

MYTH: Too much hair washing causes hair loss.

This simply isn’t true. The hairs you see disappearing down the plughole were already loose or in the process of falling out.

Similarly, you can change your shampoo as often as you like – this won’t cause hair loss.

MYTH: Wearing a hat makes your hair fall out.

Not true. Wearing a hat won’t cut off the blood supply to your hair follicles as some people believe.

MYTH: Hairs with a small, white ‘bulb’ at the end will never grow back.

This is false. You haven’t lost the hair root – the white bulb is just part of the follicle lining which is continuously being replaced.

MYTH: Dandruff causes hair loss.

Not true. But constantly scratching your scalp can weaken the roots so always take steps to get rid of dandruff. We can help with product and treatment advice – do ask we love to help.

MYTH: Too much sun makes your hair fall out.

This is false, but the sun can damage hair. Look out for our July blog post when we’ll be taking an in-depth look at holiday hair and how to combat the effects of sun, sea, and chlorine.

MYTH: Lost hair never grows back.

Not always true. Male pattern baldness is a permanent condition, but hair loss caused by factors such as medication, stress, poor diet or illness is reversable.

Don’t forget: always see your GP if you:

  • Have sudden hair loss.
  • Develop bald patches or lose clumps of hair.
  • Have an itchy and burning scalp.

We’ve got Father’s Day sorted

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