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Dawn, tell us about the Kebelo Frizz-Free hair treatment

Well it’s a permanent blow dry, totally on trend at the moment. The Kebelo Hair System is a new permanent blow-dry treatment which is now available at Cutting Club.

How does it work?

Kebelo System gets rid of all the frizz and excess volume your hair holds and helps it become silky smooth. It’s a straightforward 3 step smoothing treatment that makes your hair 100% frizz-free and 100% manageable for a full 100 days.

How many treatments does it need?

It’s amazing. Just book in for a single session for a full 100 days of smooth, manageable hair!

Why is Kebelo System so good for frizzy hair?

Some customers with frizzy hair tend to avoid certain styles because they know how difficult it is to manage. Once you’ve had a full Kebelo System treatment you’ll be able to manage styles you never thought possible – and carry on doing so for months on end.

What exactly is the Kebelo System and what’s it made from?

The Kebelo System is a smoothing treatment. It uses botanical proteins and rich amino acids. These ingredients fuse together and absorb deep into the hair, creating strength in each strand and a healthier base of your hair.

How does Kebelo System differ from other smoothing treatments?

The good news is Kebelo uses natural organics, not the harsh formaldehyde and keratin of many of the smoothing treatments around. Plus they’re known to take 3-5 days to work whilst one salon length session of Kebelo System is enough to give your hair a full 100 frizz-free days! Our clients love it!

Can you walk us through the Kebelo System Step by Step?

Sure. One of Cutting Club’s trained professional stylists will carry it out for you. We’ll have a consultation before we start and explain it all to you over a coffee!

  1. We start with simple shampoo utilizing the clarifying cleanser which opens up the cuticles of the hair.
  2. The treatment is then applied and it absorbs deeply through the cuticles, reinforcing every strand of hair and providing them with essential nourishment.
  3. We then blow-dry the product into your hair to ensure it is fully locked in. Finally, your stylist will finish your hair in any way you wish, using straighteners or a simple blow.

Kebelo System sounds amazing Dawn, how do we try it?

Yes, it’s fabulous. We’re really excited to be able to offer Kebelo System at Cutting Club. All you need to do is give us a call on 01472 694900 to request a consultation and we’ll book you in with one of our professional stylists.