Do I need a Skin Allergy Test before Colour/Chemical Treatments
A YES : As part of our hair colour and texture and volume treatments we offer all our valued customers a free, one-to-one consultation.

As well as being able to fully understand your requirements and discuss your full hair care package we need to arrange a patch test at least 48-hour prior to your appointment. This ensures that your skin is comfortable with the products we’re using.

To receive a patch test, just pop into the salon 48 hours prior to your colour/chemical appointment.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
AAll guests are sent appointment reminders the day before they are due and we kindly request that you advise us by contact us on 01472 694900 or by contacting us using our contact form 24 hours prior to your appointment if you are unable to attend.
Why can’t I book Colour/Chemical treatments online?
A As Colour and Chemical Treatments differ with every customer depending on the length, condition and treatment require, we insist that we first conduct a Complimentary consultation (which can be booked online) to first determine the correct colour/chemical process, this also allows us to carry out a Skin Allergy Test, which is required by Law.
What is the difference between Stylist, Senior, Style Director, and Creative Director
AThe simple answer is that depending on the level of experience spent in the industry will determine the level of stylist.

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