It seems you can’t move at the moment for football and/or Love Island. The antics of this year’s inhabitants have gripped the nation yet again, with more texts, mugging off, and ‘extra’ behaviour than ever before. And although the contestants may be different, the one constant of island life is host and this month’s Hair Hero – Caroline Flack.


Sweet and Short

Caroline is famed for her wavy LOB, but now and then she likes to take it even shorter opting for a classic short bob, styled with her signature wave.

Chop @mrvermaak

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Great Lengths

It’s not very often we see Caroline sporting longer locks, but on occasion she has been know to have extensions in for a fuller, longer look.

Think Pink

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New shoot by @nathanpask

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Queen of the LOB

Caroline’s signature LOB (Long Bob) is a look she has rocked on and off for years now, the blunt lines and sexy waves just look so good on her. It’s no wonder this is the style she seems to come back to over and over. And whether she’s playing with honey tones and caramels, or going all out blonde, we think she’s totally nailed this look.

Mood ….

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hair by @schullerinc inspired by @louteasdale …….

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Fully fledged non rooted blonde

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Full on Glam

So well know for her laid back cool style, Caroline does that kind of glam that feels and looks like she just effortlessly rolled out of bed, threw on a dress (or shorts in her case) and turned up, but now and then she does go full on classic glam with more than a hint of Hollywood.



Even if Island fever hasn’t gripped you, there is no denying Caroline is one cool chick, her rock star vibes and laid back chic make everything she does look completely effortless.


If you’ve been inspired to try out Caroline’s signature LOB look or maybe get some sun-kissed highlights to get you in the Love Island mood then don’t forget you can book online, or via our facebook page. Alternatively, you can call us on 01472 694900.