Autumn Leaves in Purple, Yellow & Pink

Best Autumnal Hair Colours: Autumn Hair Colour for Any Skin Tone

Hello, beauties! summer is over and autumn is here again; back with its cool breeze, fallen leaves and beautiful hair colour hues. 

The seasonal change from summer to autumn comes with entirely different fashion statements and hair colour hues, but fear not Cutting Club are on hand with some fantastic seasonal suggestions.

It is not uncommon to worry about what hair colours and styles are suitable and fashionable to spruce up your look this season, with the myriads of beautiful colours available to experiment with; different shades of red, pink, brown, rose gold, and a host of others all play their part in that perfect autumn look. 

It’s okay to worry about your hair colour, as a leading hair salon we know a dramatic change to your hair colour can take a bit of getting used to.

 Cheer up, girl! We’ve got you covered. Whether you are searching for the best autumn hair colours for your blonde, redhead, brunette, grey, long or short hair, we have researched and compiled a list of sweet on-trend autumn colours this season, just for you. 

Things to Consider Before Colouring Your Hair.

Now before you take that bold step in transitioning to your favourite colour, we advise you consider the following: the colour of your eyes (brown, hazel, blue, grey or green), and your skin undertone whether it be warm, fair or neutral). Also before you colour, do not neglect to take your eyebrow colour into account, this is essential to ensuring that your traits are in sync with your new hair colour to produce a flattering, one of a kind look.

After all, the goal is not just to colour your hair but to achieve a fabulous,  head-turning autumn style!

You should also decide whether you want to go for a full head hair colour; or whether you want to use partial colouring techniques such as the balayage highlighting technique that only touches a few locks of hair.

 Finally, ensure a balance before you visit a salon by creating a checklist of colours for your existing clothes and make up while keeping your favourite hair colour in mind. 

So without further ado, let’s take a peek at Cutting Club’s autumnal hair colour choices for 2019.


Go bold and daring with a red colour this season. Known for its striking nature, these hair colours are sure to turn heads. Regardless of skin tone, there is a red for every woman.

  •  Intense Red: This colour hue is best suited to those with olive skin tone. It would also perfectly complement beautiful brown eyes.
  • Dark Auburn: This colour would easily enhance the natural looks of clients with warm or neutral skin undertones. 
  • Coral Red: This extravagant hair colour is perfect for blue or green-eyed beauties.
  • Electric Oranges: This is the best red hue to suit clients with a fair skin tone.
  • Mauve Red: Combined with darker skin tones, this elegant colour works wonders.


Maintenance For Red Hair Colours:

Although all red colour hues guarantee a flattering look, they fade easily; hence, they require high maintenance through regular retouching. If you are thinking of going red, know that red hair does not require frequent washing in order to retain the colour. Hot styling tools should also be avoided like a plague! The simplest way to maintain pristine hair colour would be to use a product such as Redken’s Colour Extend as a replacement to your regular shampoo and conditioner.


These include; Platinum Blonde hair colour for fair and medium skin tones and perfect for blue or brown eyes, and Ash Blonde hair colour, best for fair skin undertones and lighter eye colours.

With the Ash blonde colour, you could opt for balayage highlighting technique or go for a full head of ash blonde to create a striking autumn look. 


This warm hair colour is breathtaking on a medium skin tone, combined with brown or black eyes. 


This colour is essentially a mixture of darker hair with golden highlights. Chestnut blonde is ideal if you have a darker skin tone and black or brown eyes.


If you have a warm skin undertone, you can never go wrong with the bronde hair colour trend. Bronde is also suitable for those sceptical about going for extreme colour change with its natural and subtle hue. 

Bronde is perfect for clients with pale blue or light brown eyes colours. 

Bronde hair is low maintenance and does not require regular retouching making it a cost-effective autumn style.


This trendy earthy colour is created using highlights or lowlights on an ash brown base colour. A combination of brown, purple and grey, this multi-dimensional colour hue would be well suited to those clients with naturally grey hair. 

With mushroom brown, you can easily play with subtle balayage, ombre or a full hair colour. 


Are you a brunette? Yes? Lucky you! You just found the perfect hair colour for the autumn season. 

Mocha hair colour derives its name from mocha; a mixture of coffee and chocolate. This classy brunette shade is very versatile, It works well with diverse skin tones and eye colours as well as a variety of makeup and clothing colours.

Or… why not try these fetching highlighting variations?:

  • Cherry Mocha; brighten up your brunette shades with some vivid, deep reds. 
  • Mocha Brown Balayage and Mocha Streaks; achieved by adding highlights of blonde to your brunette hair. 
  • Subtle Ombre: Mocha paired with black hair. You could also try Mocha Matte and Brassy Mocha shades. 

Whew! there you have it, ladies! We hope you are excited to try one of our autumn colour suggestions and make yourself sparkle this fall season.

If you are still in doubt why not contact Cutting Club today and let us take care of your Autumn look! Our highly trained style team receive constant training helping them find the latest and most fashionable colours and style for every season.