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5 Tips For Protecting Coloured Hair

Hair Colour & How To Protect It

If you are a regular reader of our blog then you will know a lot of our focus is on hair colour and seasonal colour trends, in this article however we’re going to show you how to protect hair that has already been colour treated, whether it’s a vivid red, pastel blue or even a natural shade these helpful tips will help you make the most of your existing colour.

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1. Patience Is A Virtue

After a colour treatment, you may feel the need to give your hair a thorough shampoo and conditioning treatment, DONT! in our experience it is best to wait a period of time before washing your hair after a colour treatment to achieve best results. (Speak to your stylist to find the correct amount of time to wait.)
When your hair is freshly coloured the cuticle layer is opened to allow the colour to fully penetrate the hair, it can take anywhere up to 3 days for the cuticle layer to fully close. If you wash your hair before this you run the risk of rinsing out some of the colour leaving hair looking dull.

2. Ditch The Sulphates

Sulphates help to create the foaming effect provided by Shampoos and other personal hygiene products, however, they have been shown to be detrimental to your hair, or at least its condition. Sulphate Free shampoos increase the longevity of your hair colour and maintain the natural oils and moisture produced by your hair which can be stripped out by heavy-duty shampoos that contain Sulphates.

If you are a Cutting Club client we stock many Sulphate Free shampoo’s available for purchase in salon including the entire Davines range.

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3. Add Hair Colour to your Conditioner

A common internet tip for those with bright and vivid colours is to add a small amount of colour to your conditioner, by doing this you will slightly recolour your hair with every wash. While Cutting Club would not recommend this suggestion, it is commonplace on internet message boards, blogs and forums but should be undertaken at your own risk.

4. Take A Day Off!

Many of our clients tend to wash their hair on a daily basis, which is something we feel they should avoid. Washing your hair daily strips out much of the hair’s natural protection, including the oils and moisture that provide a natural shine. This tip is especially relevant to clients with colour treated hair as even permanent colour can be stripped with frequent washing. If you are insistent on a daily wash, why not try a dry shampoo every other day and see the results for yourself?

5. Extend Your Colour

Redken Colour Extend shampoos and conditioners have been specially designed to prolong your colour. They are available in a sulfate-free and vegan-friendly versions depending on preference and are available from most reputable salons and suppliers.

If you are a Cutting Club customer Redken Colour Extend is available for purchase in salon. Why not give it a try today and let us know the results on Social Media.

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That’s everything for today……

Thanks for reading, we hope this blog will help you to better manage your coloured hair. If you have any tips or home remedies for better hair, why not let us know on Social Media for a chance to feature in our next article.

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