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Winter Hair Care and Product Guide

Freezing temperatures and cold wet weather can take its toll on our hair. It’s more important than ever at this time of year to take care of our hair to ensure it maintains its strength throughout the winter.


When we come in from the cold weather into our warm houses and workplaces the scalp can become dehydrated which can result in brittle hair. Our top tips and product picks should keep your tresses looking luscious throughout the season.


Wear a Hat

It’s not always the first thing that springs to mind but popping your favourite bobble hat on could save your hair and scalp from the dreaded winter dryness. If you’re worried about hat hair, you can always pop a silk scarf under first to protect your hair!


Regular Trims

Make sure you book regular trims with one of our stylists to keep your hair fresh and avoid split ends.


Oil Treatments

If you find your scalp is really dry you can use an oil to massage into your scalp, stylist Mollie recommends the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Rose Oil. Apply the oil to the hair and scalp and massage in then shampoo with the Bonacure Rose Oil shampoo and condition with your usual conditioner.



Deep Condition

It’s a good idea in the winter months to do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week and even twice for those with very dry or brittle hair. Our stylist’s favourite is the Redken Mega Mask, shampoo the hair and apply to the whole head, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.



It’s vitally important to protect your hair from not just the cold but heat too. From styling tools to central heating, your hair will feel the full effects of the intense heat at this time of year. Stylist Mollie recommends the Redken One United, which is a great lightweight, deep conditioning spray. It can be applied before of after styling to help with the hair’s manageability and condition.


For advice and help with any of the products in today’s post do not hesitate to ask your stylist on your next visit. Not booked in yet? Click here to book online