Hair Volume

Subtle Waves & Bouncy Curls - Hair Volume at Cutting Club

The Stylists at Cutting Club, Cleethorpes are experts in creating big hair that dares to be unique; from low maintenance subtle waves to beautifully bouncy, textured curls we’ve got you covered.

We also provide a range of specialist hair treatments to maintain the natural body and shine of your hair and beautiful extensions which can help you adopt a longer hairstyle without the need to wait.

Cutting Club provide a complimentary Hair Consultation prior to your Volumising Appointment to appraise your hair type, volume, colour and length, allowing our style team to ensure the correct Texture and Volumising products are applied to your hair.

If you require any further information or would like to arrange your complimentary hair consultation then why not give us a call on 01472 694900 or alternatively book online using our booking form or handy Cutting Club App.

Hair Smoothing & Volume Price Menu

All hair smoothing & volume prices are from and are discussed during your consultation. 

Perming includes a finish but excludes cutting, please add £25.00.


Senior Stylist

Style Director

Volume Lift (perm)




Big Hair




Long hair




Gent's relaxing & straight




Kebelo Fringe




Kebelo Smoother (from)




Senior Perm Inc. cut




Relaxing & Straightening long




Why not ask a member of our team about our appointment only Kebelo Hair Smoothing Treatment and glamorous Hair Extensions?

We are also required by law to provide a patch test prior to any Volumising Appointment, in which we will test a small amount of your hair to ensure that you suffer no allergies or adverse reactions to our products. (For best results Patch Testing should be done a minimum of 48-hours prior to your appointment.)

Patch Testing will be done at your complimentary hair consultation where you can relax and unwind with our friendly staff and enjoy a range of beverages and biscuits during your visit.

Our Promise To You

We promise every client the warmest of welcomes and a place where you can relax and feel not only cared for but truly valued, that’s the Cutting Club promise!