Why did you become a stylist?

It’s something I’ve always been interested in, then when I did my work experience in a salon at school I loved it, and have ever since.  I like making people look and feel good about themselves.

Describe your typical ‘night out’ look:

Depends on the occasion, smart casual is always good, but it’s nice to get glammed up from time to time.

What inspires you?

Loads of things really, I love watching fashion shows… watching red carpet events to see the different hair styles and people watching as well to see day to day styles to get inspiration from.

Which celebrity hair would you love to take your scissors to and why?

Holly Willoughby as I love her hair, She is very natural but still glows.

If you weren’t a professional hairdresser what other career excites you?

Probably something in the fashion industry, like playing about with makeup or maybe the photography side of it.

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