What first inspired you to work in hairdressing?

I come from a long line of Italian barbers. Both my father and mother worked in hairdressing, so it was always going to be my destiny.

When did you set up Cutting Club and why?

It’s a very long story, but basically I used to come to Cleethorpes as a relief hairdresser to cover holidays when I was hairdressing and training in Retford. Eventually I bought the business with the help of my parents. We’re still very much a family business to this day.

Going anywhere nice on your holidays this year?

Always! I was born in Italy and think of it as home so like to spend at least one holiday there a year. We return to our family village and catch up with friends and relatives. Being connected to your roots is very important.

Why does education and training matter?

My father was a passionate lifelong learner. He instilled those values into me. I studied for 4 years to become a Tricologist and a Master Craftsman. I’ve tried to do the same with my staff and my own family. I believe in investing in people as it reaps its own rewards in business, as well as life.

Who are your heroes in the hairdressing industry?

I spent some time at Vidal Sassoon and learnt so much about cutting and technique that still inspires my work today. Fellow Italian, Antony Mascolo brought a lot of drama to the industry. I’m also a great admirer of Trevor Sorbie who also worked under Sassoon, so we share that passion.