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Soft blondes with pretty highlights were popular this August

Summer has come and gone, can someone please tell us how that happened?! But not to worry because we have a roundup of our favourite styles to leave the Cutting Club in the month of August to cheer you up! And with some of you favouring fiery reds it looks like you’re well and truly ready for Autumn!

Soft blondes with pretty highlights were popular this August, with many of you opting for a hint of pink and soft pastels in there too.


It seems for many of you the call of Autumn was too much, and thoughts of warm bonfires, crispy leaves and toffee apples weren’t too far from your mind!

All that warmth proved too much for some of you though and icy cool blondes saw a revival.

As well as colour, we saw some of you embracing the big hair trend and opting for gorgeous volumising blow drys and bouncy perms.

Let’s hope Autumn throws up as many gorgeous styles as the summer did!