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Professional Products Vs High Street – Why go Pro?

The temptation is oh so real when your favourite high street shop has a two for one or a special offer on. And although you might save money in the short term, using cheap high street products on your hair can be detrimental to your hair health in the long-run. At Cutting Club, Cleethorpes we can advise you on the best products for your hair to keep it looking fresher and healthier for longer.


So why choose Salon Products in the first place?

The products available in most salons are from top professional hair care brands; right here at Cutting Club we stock Schwarzkopf Professional, Redken, Davines, Paul Mitchell – brands that simply can’t be found on the high-street, and are the very same products your stylist will be using on you whilst you’re with us; from the shampoo on the backwash to the styling and finishing products. So it stands to reason that the likelihood of you achieving the same style and quality of hair at home is going to be greatly improved if you use the same products as your stylist.

Because the products are of such a high quality, you’ll also find you’ll use less, whether that’s the amount of shampoo it takes to get a lovely froth, the amount and frequency you use a conditioner or the smaller amount of styling product it takes to shape or fix your style.


Why do Professional Products cost so much?

There are several reasons why the products in the salon will cost more than the high-street alternatives. But in a nutshell, the quality of ingredients and research into the products is incomparable to high-street counterparts.

Each product is researched, developed and tested by Professional Stylists, Scientists and Hair Care teams, using only the finest of ingredients and technology.

For example, in the case of Davines, they use all-natural ingredients to ensure their products are sustainable and in most cases vegan-friendly.


And household name Schwarzkopf Professional has over 120 years of experience under their belts and their continuous research into new ingredients and technology is unsurpassed.

 Why is it important to use Professional Products?

In order to maintain your style, quality of cut and colour and hair health, it is important you use salon professional products. Not only are they developed to give you great results, but they will help you achieve that salon-quality look at home and in between visits.

This is never more important for coloured hair. Using a professional salon shampoo and conditioner will prevent fade and prolong your style. Which in turn will save you money as you’ll find you have to visit less frequently to get your colour refreshed.

How will I know which one to use?

Our stylists are given comprehensive briefings and training on all our products and let’s face it, who understands your hair better than your stylist? We can give you advice on which products to choose and how to use them to get the best results.


Buying professional haircare products from your salon is investment shopping, just like when we purchase a pair of good quality leather shoes instead of a cheap plastic pair. Let 2018 be the year you learn to love your hair.