Pancake stack on plate

Just for Fun – Team Pancake Day Picks

Well what a busy week it is, not only is it Valentines Day tomorrow, but some might say, more importantly, it is Pancake Day today!


When it comes to toppings, are you a traditionalist or do you prefer to try something a bit different? Many of us will remember classics from childhood like lemon and sugar or golden syrup, but with the boom of yummy treats like nutella and maple syrup, it would seem anything goes when it comes to pancake toppings!



If you’re looking for some inspiration for this evening, then look no further, we asked the Cutting Club team what their favourite toppings were!


Samara – Senior Stylist

Samara was straight in with a complete alternative to the retro faves with a Strawberry and White Chocolate saying “it’s amazing” although she did admit she loves absolute classic, Lemon and Sugar.

Dawn – Style Director

Well… Trust our Dawn, she went with “everything” – we can’t deny Dawn’s enthusiasm for it!

Jodie – Stylist

Our newest team member Jodie went for nutella and banana, sounds amazing!


Alex – Marketing Manager

It was more of a case of mancake than pancake for Alex as he went for that American classic, Bacon and Maple Syrup. A hearty breakfast choice for many, but do you like the sweet and salty combo?

Jolene – Salon Coodinator

Jolene went for all time favourite Sugar and Lemon or the simple but tasty Jam.

Lauren – Senior Stylist

And finally Lauren cast another vote for Chocolate and Banana a popular choice!


Whether sweet or savoury it seems our love for pancakes will never fade. So if you do indulge tonight, be it one of the classics or something a little more left field, we hope you have a very tasty evening!!