Hair Hero – Olivia Colman

She’s one of our most talented actresses, gracing the small screen since the early 2000s in cult comedy hits such as Peepshow, Black Books and the Green Wing. Olivia has since graduated to more serious roles in hits such as Broadchurch, The Crown and most recently the BBC adaptation of Les Miserables.


Alongside her stellar TV career, her movie career has gone from strength to strength too. She picked up the Golden Globe just last week for her role in The Favourite. It’s looking to be strong awards season for our British talent.


We’re absolutely loving Olivia’s work here at the Cutting Club so we thought we’d take a delve through her hair files and pick out our favourites.


Natural Woman…

Olivia has naturally wavy hair, something a lot of women would automatically straighten or even go as far as a relaxation treatment like Kebelo. But Olivia has always styled her hair to work with the natural texture not against it. From smother waves right through to defined curls.




Short hair, don’t care


Going short with naturally curly hair can be a big risk. Taming your curls into a shorter style can prove difficult but Olivia has managed this wonderfully by keeping the sides longer and going shorter on top. Her wispy curls adding texture and playful nature to the style.


The only way is up…

Up dos are perfect for the red carpet. From a neat little chignon to a vintage inspired do. Using her natural curl a 1920s style has been created in the bottom picture which looks stunning teamed with the green dress.

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Room-Owning Women Of 2019: 5/365. OLIVIA COLMAN. Everyone loves her! She’s magnificent and modest at the same time! I’ve just seen The Favourite! A great one to look at for the room-owning for how she behaves off screen. Obviously her acting talent is immense and puts her in a class of her own (I’ve watched a lot of Broadchurch on repeat) but perhaps what is even more inspiring (and relevant to the rest of us) about her is how she manages a low-key “happy high status” vibe in real life. She is not a Michelle Obama or Oprah kind of person. Instead she comes across as introverted and slightly shy when she is in the spotlight but she balances authenticity (never pretending to be more confident than she really is) with a very attractive openness. An excellent lesson in how you don’t have to shout or be “in-your-face” to really shine. This is the kind of (female) leadership and display of power I am really interested in because it’s new. I think there are thousands of women out there who want to be able to take a more prominent role in public life or in their work and they hold themselves back because it’s important to them to be true to themselves by being modest and a bit introverted. I don’t think anyone should be pressurised into changing those fundamental aspects of themselves. Anymore than Olivia Colman should wish that she were Zsa Zsa Gabor. Owning the room is not about saying “You must become an EXTROVERT whether you like it or not. Cast off your SHACKLES.” (Although this is never a bad message *as long as* it sits well with you. For example, if you know you’re “hiding.”) No. It’s about saying: “You don’t have to be Joan Rivers or Zsa Zsa Gabor. You can be your own version of Olivia Colman.” (And I do believe that people *like* her and are drawn to her not because of her fame but because her manner genuinely attracts them. She could be the HR director of the local council and people would still like her.) Let me know what you think of The Favourite. I thought it was 97% perfect. (The 3% is the weird creepy cello and the rabbits at the end.) #howtoowntheroom #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #inspo #inspiration #publicspeaking #oliviacolman #thefavourite

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