Men's hair trends 2017

From Great Fade to Slick Moves, here are mens trends 2017

2017 has seen a further move towards more groomed and stylised looks in men’s hair. Shaggy, longer looks of the past have given way to defined partings, slicked back locks and shaved sides, with men opting to invest more and more in grooming and self-care.

The Great Fade

Faded sides and back are still huge with guys opting for a gradual shave to sides and back instead of one block of hair.

Tempting Texture

Messy on top is still very much en-vogue as more and more products come onto the market. Adding texture to your hair has never been easier. Keep the top short so it’s easy to style.

Dawn, our Style Director recommends Osis+ ‘Dust It’ to add volume to the hair and ‘Thrill’ fibre gum to shape and texturize.

Slick Moves

If messy isn’t your thing, going slick is the way forward. Go big with a quiff or play it cool with a more casual look that says you’ve just left the house and run your fingers through your hair. Keeping some length in the hair will enable you to achieve this look.

Dawn recommends – Osis+ ‘Tame Wild’ which is an anti frizz cream to smooth the hair and then style with ‘Flexwax’ an ultra strong cream wax to hold your style in place.

If you’re still unsure about what style to go for, or why you should book into a salon remember that with a hairdresser you get their wealth of experience not just on cut and style but on maintenance and styling products that will keep you looking your best between cuts.