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Training the Graduate Hair Stylist of Tomorrow Today

“All things are difficult before they are easy”

– Thomas Fuller

At Cutting Club, we’re passionate about education and training for our salon stylists. Creative Director, Mr G, like his father before him, (a master barber) is an advocate of lifelong learning and investing in the growth and personal development of his staff in the Cleethorpes salon.

We thought you might like a few first-hand insights into a recent training day attending by Graduate Hair Stylist; Jade, (Updated 27th of October) as she embarked on her first dedicated personal development day with Redken at L’Oreal Academy.


It was the first time I’ve ever really travelled anywhere on my own so I got up at 3am to get the train to Manchester Piccadilly. Naturally, I began with coffee to help me cope with an exciting and nerve wracking start to the day!

I don’t know why I was worrying. Everyone was really friendly and there were lots of other young stylists there, talking about their salons and their experiences.

We started the day talking about the theory of what we were going to undertake and then worked on a very straight, one length bob.

I feel I learned loads about what really makes a bob work and where to take the lines to on the face, to make the look more flattering for clients. With a classic bob it’s all about getting lines straight and allowing the hair to fall in its natural way.

As it was a 2-day course, I stayed overnight at the Premier Inn and although we went out for tea with some of the other girls, I went to bed early to recap on what I’d learned and to be up early for the course.

Day 2 started with a little more theory with practical diagrams of what we were working. Amazingly we worked blindfolded to check that we’d really taken on board the horizontal, diagonal and vertical lines. I feel I picked up lots of practical tips on how to work with thinners. For example, I learned new techniques on how to use my razor.

Since the Redken training day, I’ve been able to put those tips into practice and gained more confidence from working them on the salon floor. I’ve even been able to share what I gained with my Cutting Club colleagues too which has given me a sense of pride and achievement.

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities given to me here by Mr G, and look forward to doing a little more training in future to feel even more professional as my career develops.

If you’d like to book an appointment with Jade or any of our Stylists, call Cutting Club on 01472 694900 to request a consultation today.