Redken New Glow Dry Oil at Cutting Club

Glow dry Blow dry from Redken hits Hair Salon

At Cutting Club, we’re head over heels in love with Redken styling products.

That includes the latest Glow Dry Blow Dry Diamond Oil. A fabulous new, lightweight oil that can be used like any other hair treatment oil by adding a little to the fingers and simply smoothing through the hair for moisture and shine but with this new product, simply add heat and you’ll see miracles happen!

We’ve had Redken’s Glow Dry Diamond Oil on the shelves for a fortnight now, long enough for our expert stylists to put it through its paces in the salon and be able to show Cutting Club clients just what it can do for their hair.

What makes it truly special is the out of this world glossy, high sheen finish that comes with applying heat, 

said Creative Director, Mr G.

We’re always one of the very first salons to be offered new products from leading professional salon brands like Redken, but we don’t just take anything. We feel it’s vitally important to try before we buy so that we only introduce new products to our customers to deliver the superior results they want

he adds.   


For me, it drastically reduces drying time creating an awesome blow dry that reflects more shine in super quickly. Clients who’ve bought it, love the time that they save on blow drying for getting ready to go out or before work,”

added Dawn, Salon Manager.

One of the added benefits is that Glow Dry Blow Dry Oil suits every hair type. If you’ve tried other lightweight oils you might have found them prescriptive for specific hair types – one for fine hair, one for thick hair etc. but this new oil delivers super shiny hair whatever your hair type.

Product benefits include…

  • Heat-responsive, ultra lightweight hair oil
  • Provides Diamond-like hair shine
  • Reduces blow-dry time
  • Fast, easy style for all hair types


Plus it makes blow drying a lot easier at home. We’ve found that hair feels softer and smoother, without the frizz that some clients find when drying their hair at home…

smiles Dawn, ever passionate about educating her clients on how to achieve the look themselves.  

If you’d like to book a Glow Dry Blow Dry call Cutting Club on 01472 694900, request a consultation or drop by the salon to purchase your Glow Dry Blow Dry for £32.50.