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Bonfires and Toffee Apples giving us major hair inspiration

Autumn is now fully in flow and summer feels like a lifetime away, but what that does mean is that we can start to embrace the warmer tones in both our fashion choices and of course our hair colour.

Reds were an obviously popular choice last month as we head into autumn, with vibes of fallen leaves, bonfires and toffee apples giving us major hair inspiration.

Even blondes are getting softer as we head into the autumnal months; rose gold tones were popular along with more muted, darker blondes. As our skin tones become paler in the cooler months, it is nice to warm up our hair to compliment that!

We can’t forget our male customers, here’s one of our younger guests looking majorly sharp!

There were also some much-needed refreshes in the salon last month, and if you’re anything like us we love a good before and after.

From faded, dull and dry red we have glossy, healthy and vibrant red.

And tired brown gets a shine boost with a gorgeous colour refresh, brown into a soft blonde.

Best of the Rest:

We saw bouncy blow dries, bright candy floss pinks and pretty updos this month too.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings into the salon, will we see more reds and oranges, or will we be heading into icy tones for the winter? Watch this space!