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The sixties was a revolutionary time in modern culture. 1950s Britain was still living in the shadow of World War II but that was all about to change as a new decade was ushered in.

The 1960s saw a shift in popular culture, the influence of American music saw the emergence of huge British stars such as the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and singers like Dusty Springfield. This new, exciting music impacted fashion and hand in hand with that, hair.

The emergence of fashion designers such as Mary Quant and Biba with their graphic geometric designs paved the way for a hair revolution with short pixie crops and sharp bobs the style of favour in swinging London.

The Bob:

This iconic style really came into its own in the 1960s, synonymous with mini dresses and go-go dancing, the bob of the 60s had sharp edges and angles.

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Pixie Crop:

You can’t really say the 1960s and Pixie Crop without the image of Twiggy popping into your head. The androgynous gamine look was also favoured by stars such as Mia Farrow and Jean Seburg.

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The Beehive:

Created for Modern Beauty Salon magazine in 1960 by Chicago stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt. It was said that Heldt based the design on the Fez hat she wore. The style was worn by icons such as Dusty Springfield, The Ronettes and even Dolly Parton.

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